Friendly Voice Companion for Your Seniors

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With our voice AI companion, seniors can combat loneliness through conversation, activating and receiving audible responses from the speaker whenever they need

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Benefits of usage

Talk anytime

Engage in conversations about your favorite TV series, neighbors, and the weather

Discuss Health Concerns

Explore back, knee pain, and other ailments. Understand conditions and find specialists. I don't give professional advice, so no risk.

Ask Anything

Any other vulnerable question: How to tell children I miss them?

Device Assistance

Why is the TV sound missing? How to set up the microwave?
How to take a screenshot?

Always connected

Talk Freely

Voice AI companion empowers seniors to discuss any topics that concern them, providing a supportive and safe space, never get angry or bored.

Personalized Communication

SeniorTalk evolves with each interaction, providing personalized support and companionship tailored to each individual.

Expressing What Matters

Get useful insights from an anonymized conversation history

Our AI- and ML-powered service utilizes state-of-the-art technology to analyze a person's voice and uncover early signs of dementia or other age-related illnesses. By examining patterns in a person's speaking style, tone, and voice characteristics, our system can detect changes that may signal the onset of cognitive decline or other health concerns.

Conversation Starter

The voice bot will initiate a conversation if it seems like a person needs to talk. But it doesn't happen too often to be bothersome.

You'll get interaction data

It keeps you posted with usage data, so you'll always know if your seniors have more conversations or fewer of them.


It analyzes patterns in speaking style, grammar, and word usage.

*Analytics (coming soon)

The service uses AI and ML to analyze voice and reveal early signs of dementia or other age-related illnesses.

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