SeniorTalk for Your Senior Living Facility

Introducing the 24/7 AI Companion
for Your Residents

Understanding the Challenges Seniors Face:

Social Isolation

Lack of social interaction can lead to loneliness and depression.

Cognitive Decline
and Dementia

Affects memory and thinking skills, requiring constant care.

Mental Health Support

Addressing anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Helping seniors adapt to technology to stay connected.

Bridging the Digital Gap with SeniorTalk

Engage in contemporary topics, allowing seniors to converse with younger family members like grandchildren.
Offers consistent companionship with comforting words available 24/7.
Crafts unique birthday messages, adding a personal touch each year.
Updates on the latest technologies, ensuring seniors are always in the loop.
Makes it easier to communicate.
Provides thoughtful gift recommendations to delight their loved ones.
Stimulates memory with engaging conversations about past experiences.


Integrated with Facebook Messenger

Enables easy access without the need to navigate multiple platforms.


No Additional App Needed

Simple and user-friendly; no downloads or installations required.


Multilingual Support

Our AI comprehends and interacts seamlessly in numerous languages.

Join the Beta Program

Embark on this revolutionary journey and experience SeniorTalk firsthand. Here's how to enroll in our beta program:

Gather a list of interested residents.

Enjoy the ease of setup. Everything is managed via a user-friendly Google Sheet. Add or modify client details, and our billing adjusts the following month.

Receive a clear invoice from us.

Multiple Payment Options: Pay manually through wire transfer, instantly with card/PayPal/Apple Pay, or opt for automated payment with saved methods.

Residents can kickstart conversations with the assistant whenever they wish.

Activation is straightforward. We'll share step-by-step guidance on enabling the service for each individual or we can directly email instructions to your residents.

Ready to Redefine Senior Care with AI?

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