It's SeniorTalk.
An AI chatbot for elderly people

Empowering seniors to live their best life with the help of our chat AI assistant.

Always in touch

Our chat AI buddy service is designed to provide companionship and support for grandparents who may be feeling lonely or isolated. With our service, seniors are matched with a friendly, engaging chat AI buddy who's available 24/7 to talk about anything and everything.
SeniorTalk provides personalized conversations tailored to each senior's interests and preferences.
Topics range from current events to personal stories from the past.
Understanding that seniors may have concerns, the team is dedicated to personalized support and guidance.

Use 3 easy steps to start your conversation:

Start your journey

Purchase your subscription

Select from monthly, quarterly or yearly options.
What if you want to cancel your subscription earlier? Money back is guaranteed!

Simply follow the instructions from the e-mail

Our customer service team is fully prepared to assist you with any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Start your conversation via Facebook Messenger

Our AI buddy is available 24/7, from desktop or mobile. An Internet connection is all you'll need.

Coming soon!
Get useful insights from an anonymized conversation history

Our AI- and ML-based service uses cutting-edge technology to analyze a person's messages and reveal early signs of dementia or other age-related illnesses. By analyzing patterns in a person's writing style, grammar and word usage, our system can detect changes that may indicate the onset of cognitive decline or other health issues.


The service uses AI and ML to analyze messages and reveal early signs of dementia or other age-related illnesses.


It analyzes patterns in writing style, grammar and word usage.

Conversation Starter

The chat bot will start a conversation if it looks like a person needs to talk. But it's not too often to bother.

You'll get interaction data

It keeps you posted with usage data, so you'll always know if your seniors have more conversations or fewer of them.


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