As the number of older adults living independently continues to rise, ensuring their safety at home becomes increasingly important. Falls, burns, poisonings, and criminal activities targeting older individuals are among the most common accidents they face. Whether you're an older adult living alone or caring for someone who does, implementing these safety measures is crucial for maintaining a secure living environment.

Keep emergency numbers handy

Prevent falls

Safety-proof your home

Avoid bathroom hazards

Prevent poisoning

Carbon Monoxide


Cleaning products

Protect against abuse


Creating a safe living space is of utmost importance for older adults who live independently. By following the provided home safety tips, they can minimize the risk of accidents and protect themselves from potential hazards. It is crucial to keep emergency numbers readily accessible, prioritize fall prevention measures, ensure a well-lit and clutter-free home environment, take precautions against fire and related dangers, address bathroom safety concerns, prevent poisoning incidents, and be vigilant against potential abuse. By incorporating these safety practices into daily routines, older adults can enjoy greater peace of mind and maintain their independence for longer. Remember, prioritizing home safety is an ongoing process that requires regular assessment and adjustments to ensure a secure living environment.